Umm…..yeah. American Idol…I really am so sick…(Adam and Kris fans must see this)?

Posted on Май 16, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Come on people. There are all these people talking about how they’re sick of Adam screaming and that its so disgusting that he sticks his tongue out when he goes for those high notes….umm are you serious? Talk about hypocritical much….when Kris sings his mouth twists to the side like he’s getting epilepsy or freaking stroke….now that is quite unattractive..yet you have the gull to talk about the way Adam sings…wow…just wow.


COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU! You know the other thing that kills me about these Adam haters is when they go off about how Adam is so «arrogant, and self-indulgent and egotistical». UMM HELLO!? When has Adam EVER been egotistical!? When the judges give him amazing feedback, he’s completely down to earth and sincere. People are so stupid. Just because someone can tell when they did good or bad doesn’t mean they’re arrogant! GROW UP PEOPLE. IT’S CALLED CONFIDENCE. And Kris is apparently so humble!? Yeah, right he’s humble! It’s ALL an act. He comes off as humble because he knows he sucks and is shocked everytime he stays.

Sorry, I know that was kind of long… but it angers me so much!


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