Why is my ex acting like this??*Please read*?

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Ok so in December I found out my ex was seeing someelse and when I told him, he had just gone overseas and would be there for a month. I emailed him about it and he didn’t reply, not once. To cut the story short, he’s still with her now and the last time we communicated, he was made at me for telling a girl he knows about what happened because she in turn went to him and told him off about it. Anyway, 3 weeks ago, he emailed me like nothing ever happened..saying I was thinking about you & just wanted to say hi. In the beginning, I wasn’t going to reply but eventually I did, about 2 and a half weeks after he wrote me(a few days ago). I just wrote hi..hope you’re good. 5 minutes later he wrote back’ you’re replying to me only now…wow’. I wrote back ‘ busy busy!!…sorry?’ then he replied that’s it’s ok and don’t worry about it. That last response though made me mad because it just made me feel like he thought he was in control of everything even after what he did to me and barely ever apologised. I wrote him back saying did he really think I gave a **** if he cared how long it too me to reply after what he’d put me through & that he be crazy for thinkung that I’d care. I also I told him life was too short to deal with his b*tchas*ness..he then said …that’s funny & that he was just checking on me but didn’t really care about my thought & said again that he just wanted to check on me so I should spare the BS!! I didn’t reply after that because I don’t think it’s worth the back & forth but 30 minutes after he sent me the last email , he called me once but I didn’t answer. This was yesterday. Why the hell is being like this & why would he call me after what he said? He really hurt my feelings and he was like my first everything so it’s hard to get past it. I dated another guy after him, really nice guy, but I feel like part of the reason it didn’t work out was because in the back of my mind, my ex is still there and I know it’s stupid to even think maybe he’ll come back but I won’t lie I say that never crosses my mind. I’m just so torn but the whole thing and it’s tearing me apart inside even though it seems he’s moved on. Please help!! I’m almost 22 & he just turned 27 btw.


Too many cuss words but from what I read before I stopped. It seems like maybe the girl he is with might not work out and he is realizing this so he is making a backup plan (which is you). Or he can still have feelings for you and he is just now realizing that he was an idiot for leaving you. In this case, you still might have a chance. My advice, stop cussing, get right with God and move on.


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