Is this fair on us? advice needed, big time…?

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My mom takes the p!ss with out of me and my sister, were two 17 year old girls, we’ve never been clubbing before, never had boyfriends, never took drugs, never smoked so were really good girls but completely taken advantage of. There’s so much I need to talk about that I don’t even think I could fit it all here, but me and my sister are literally so depressed because of this.

Well me and sister, we cook dinner at least 6 days a week for the whole family, we baby-sit my brother on weekends when my mom goes out drinking with her friends. All seem to do is clean up the house after everybody. And we don’t even get allowance and we never have. I don’t even know why I call my parents mom or dad, they treat me like I’m nothing compared to their friends.

I wake up to a house full of visitors every morning, does my mom not know how this is making me feel? Everyday I wake up my moms friends are here, she has over everyday from morning to night, her friend and her daughter, her other friend, her other friend and her son. And some days she has like 10 different people over all day. And I lock myself in my room because I don’t want to see them. And its not fair that the visitors go through our cupboards, eat all of our food, ect.

Her visitors seem to come into my room when I’m getting dressed, ect. They just walk in my room without caring.

Her friends come grocery shopping with us, they come to check out my college with us, ect.. Its ridiculous.

And whenever I talk to them about my dad either says on her “period” and my mom says I’ve not “ate”.

All my dad can tell me to do is “**** OFF!”

And the thing my dad and everybody is letting my mom get away with this because she’s the “MOM”

It’s all a big joke to her. My aunt came and stayed at our house last weekend and she came in my room and said to me “wow, how do you put up with this many visitors all day

My mom is going out shopping with her friends all day, coming home then after 10 minutes her friends start turning up, I go and lock myself in my room and then they leave here at like 10.30pm, and then my mom goes in the bath then goes straight to bed, I feel like I’ve not seen her or spoke to her for so long..

And when my mom is working out or taking a shower they turn up!!!

I feel like we’re fighting to see our own damn MOTHER!

Her friends seem to know all of our private life and everything, its making me feel claustrophobic.

Her friends are coming over at 9am and then coming back at like 12pm then coming back at 3pm then staying until like midnight.

We cant even sit down and watch a movie without somebody turning up!

Our house is like a damn walk in hotel. Our house isn’t even big. My mom has like 6 different friends over with their like 10 kids 7 days a week.

Is it even fair to have this many visitors over?, could you put up with this? My mom really doesn’t even think this is wrong. She’s so immature and when I get 5 minutes to talk to her she acts like I’m overreacting and being a *****. But I’m crying out for help. Whenever I try to talk to my aunts about it my mom tells them that I’m lying. I’m starting to actually cherish the minutes I have alone with my mom.

I swear to God that if I didn’t have my sister to talk to/complain about this I would have probably committed suicide or something by now


You’re not being a *****, and it isn’t fair. It’s not right, they certainly shouldn’t be going into your private spaces that’s for sure. Into your room? That’s just creepy.

It sounds like your parents either weren’t really meant to have kids, or they’re over the whole responsibility of having kids. Which isn’t fair to you because you’re still not adults. I can only suggest either locking your room up permanently or putting up a ‘keep out’ sign to get them out of your room, you and your sister trying to be there for each other as much as possible, and suggest to your parents maybe you could have one night a week (maybe a Sunday night when all the friends are hung over) as Family Night, no friends allowed. Poor thing 😦



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