MMOs need to be shut down. (WoW)?

Posted on Май 10, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Well so far the MMO pandemic has claimed multiple lives, and has infected well over 50 million. The executive leader, WoW. With over 10 million people caught in it’s grasp, about 50% of them are addicted and multiple people have died from there addiction. Yes, addiction. Don’t deny it, this game is worse than crack. Just look at this,…

Now compare that to this,…

The only difference? He didn’t have money to pay for narcotics. She apparently had the money, but did not want to be disturbed.

In conclusion, I think the government should ban MMOs before more people die, or have their lives ruined. Does anyone else agree.


No, I don’t agree with you.

Yes, it’s sad that people died, but that is not the games fault. It’s the person fault for getting addicted to an online game. That’s no reason to ruin it for the millions of other who can actually control themselves over a damn game,


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