For WoW What should I get?

Posted on Май 8, 2009. Filed under: wow |


For a Dwarf Hunter, what would be the best talent to get? something that is good to use and useful and maybe pwns both in PVP and PVE!

Thank you!



A) first of all dont listen to the first chick who said WoW ruins your life. it does not. if you have even one ounce of self control, it will not affect your life in any way. people need to chill the **** out with the «it will ruin your life» bullshit. i have played for four years and if you could ask any of my NON GAMING friends (MOST of them dont game fyi), they know im willing to drop WoW in a heartbeat to hang out with them if they ask. for every ONE person that gets addicted to WoW, there are 1000s of us who are not.

B) try beast mastery. however, now you can duel spec so if you find beast mastery does not work out you can pick two to switch between depending on the situation you find yourself in. if you go to WoW’s website, they have talent point calculators so you can work out what you want your trees to look like before you actually spend your points


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