How do i get over my ex-pregnant girlfriend?

Posted on Май 7, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Well im starting to prepare myself for the worst just in case, my girlfriend who is about to have our son any day broke up with me a month ago or asked for some space the words from her mouth but her parents told me the relationship is over…why?…i HONESTLY have no clue why, she didnt work and we lived with her parents, when i was working two jobs and tring to get us and her two other children out of the parents house, i suppose i didnt get them out fast enough or what but we couldnt save any money for a down payment

now im living in a one bedroom apartment and have even tried to help her still but that hasnt worked for me either, is it because she is pregnant and etc.

well im going to see her again we all know that because of our child but how in the world do i get over her and not try to kiss her or something, if you only knew how much we loved one another so damn much a few months ago, wow and to believe other couples were calling us a perfect match-


I honestly think that your best shot at this situation is to give her the space she wants. Being pregnant makes a woman do crazy things cause of the hormones, but still be there for her to let her know that you still feel the same way about her and all the kids. The key to that is not to get suckered into doing more than you should just because of the way you feel. So take your time and analyze what’s appropriate for each helping hand. When the time is right she’ll see that you stuck by her, but at the same time held your own in not being too accessible to her! If it doesn’t open her eyes down the road then maybe it really wasn’t meant to be and its just better to take it for what it is now than to regret it later when you have wasted many more precious years of your life!!! Hope this helps you…take care and good luck!

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