Why is my husky shedding in patches?

Posted on Май 5, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I have a one year old female black and white siberian husky. I know that they shed their winter coat in the spring but WOW is my husky shedding and to the point where it is making me nervous. She’s shedding in chunks and by her hind hip on both sides she’s shed a complete patch where you it potentially looks like it could be a hot spot. (A HUGE one at that) it’s not red or anything it’s actually black fur underneath but I’m terrified that it will keep shedding to the point where she could be bald… it just hashasn’t happened that way yet.

Am I just being paranoid or is this something I should worry about? Again, there is no baldness or redness yet but i’m afraid if I dont contact a vet soon we could both be in trouble. Someone please tell me she’s just shedding!!! Thank you all !



This is perfectly normal and get used to it. A simple undercoat comb will help with the appearance. Maybe something like a «Furminator».


Siberian Huskies shed non-stop all year long, but twice a year the undercoat comes out in clumps (this is called blowing coat). It is a misconception that this is seasonal; your Siberian Husky might decide to blow coat when the temperatures are hovering around zero! You will probably never again wear black. And you will need a new high-powered vacuum cleaner …dog hair is EVERYWHERE!




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