Is my poem any good? Need honest feedback.?

Posted on Май 5, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I’m only twelve so this might not be so great but i want your honest opinion so if this poem sucks then say so.

Do you really think i need you?

Wow your such a fool.

I have better friends than you

and you know very well who.

My real friends like me for who i am

not for what they want.

They’re always by my side

so i never hear a taunt.

Now you on the other hand,

I’m afraid our time is up.

You’ll just have to go and find another sucker to go and hypnotize,

but maybe this time you should ease up on the lies.

I wish the fellow who believes you a strong and healthy heart,

because when he finds out your lying i bet he’ll almost die.

But then one day he’ll look back and think

wow that was a coward of a guy.


hey pretty good 🙂

it flows quite smoothly around the tounge

it has some strong meanings and messages in the poem ( if you were implying any)

it’s awsome 🙂

if your still worried about it

id suggest re reading it

and saying it aloud, compare with other poems and see if you can weive some of those elements into yours

but overall nicely done 😀

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