Why do Vegetarian & Vegan hate meat eaters?

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I find it funny that some people put so much energy in hating «meatheads.» I love reading «OMG I HATE MEAT EATERS!» Um what? Wow, why not try to educate someone. I use to be a meat eater until my tattoo artist who is vegan start giving me more and more info every time I went for a tattoo. Finally I became a vegetarian. I don’t hate my parents because they eat meat. I don’t hate my friends because they eat meat. My friends are not inconvenienced by me when we go out because everywhere now has veggie menus. I don’t try to force my beliefs down someones throat either. if they ask and are open to it, then I share. I’m not going to be mad at people and expect them to change their lives to make me comfortable.

Why do you think some vegans and vegetarians are so mad and hateful toward other people who are not like them?


Your asking about The Non-Articulate veggies. I have meet some of them in real life, we don’t last long as friends, because even there search for «what might be true» stops. This I can not respect because they don’t respect everyone. I cant stand these veggies and «meat eaters».

I would like to see what Y/A’s you are referring too. Did you read the whole Y/A, or just the title? (it seems like people are not reading yours)

I have been vegan for 10 years, I run into people that it is better to Hide that I am a vegan. Because they are rude to me one even put his stake on my plate, and laughed at me. The guy is afraid of spiders, like deathly. I don’t get Mad I get Even, I walk calmly out of the dinner (telling him I have to use the restroom) found a spider on the wall of the building, it was meant to be; my karma would be in-tacked lol

So I take this Spider gently in my hand, bring it in and put it on his plate, He screams and runs to the corner like a little girl. Very calmly I say «So I am not laughing at you because are now your closing eyes, crying, hiding in the corner am I?»

He said «how is that the same?» I said «how is it different?» (nether one of us ate that night) we talked till dawn, I made us a vegan pizza (he had no clue it was vegan) we are still friends he respects my ideas, as I have always respected his.

I think a lot of people come on here to vent, they can hide behind a screen name and avatar. I do not hide, all of my friend know this is me, because of my Screen name and my avatar is a picture of me, I use it for my facebook, e-mail est.

Best Wish’s,



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