Can someone provide instructions on how I might devolve back into a Neanderthal? I really need to think less?

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My brain hurts all the time.

I just want to wear animal skins, carry a spear, and make primitive grunting sounds.

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INteresting suggested category — and you just went with it! That doesn’t suggest any thinking at all! I’m glad you’re practicing.

I know how you feel.

Turn off computer.

Don’t read any books. Or anything else.

Don’t watch TV.

Find some manual labor.

Don’t eat anything you didn’t kill, find, or grow yourself. Finding does not mean in the grocery store.

Don’t wear anything you didn’t kill or grow and manufacture yourself. No sewing machines.

In fact, no machines.

No money.

No electricity.

Learn to deal with your own thoughts, your own stink, your own needs, and your own poop. Not necessarily in that order.

If you get sick, no doctors. Just live or die.

Go find your own water.

It would be interesting. Your entire thought processes would change from whatever currently occupies it to, what am I going to eat next and how am I going to kill it? I bet your mind and body would start working more together and your thinking, while not changing, would certainly have a different focus.

Try it. Get back to us.


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