Best World of Warcraft Guide? where can I buy a good 1-80 Leveling Guide?

Posted on Май 1, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Does anyone know where I can buy a World of Warcraft leveling guide (or wow guide) on the internet? Preferably instant delivery or download, but I don’t even know if the in game World of Warcraft guides (WoW guides) or addons are still legal. Did Blizzard ban in game leveling guides for WoW, or are the leveling guides just not allowed to be sold?

I get alot of spam about World of Warcraft guides because of the amount of forums I am a member of. but none of them seem worth it.

Has anyone ever bought a decent leveling guide from eBay? Can anyone tell me a safe place to buy an in game leveling guide for WoW? I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I know good leveling guides aren’t cheap. Please help me I really need an in game leveling guide, preferably for both horde and alliance, and leveling 1-80.


Oh I know what you mean. I have purchased many world of warcraft leveling guide over the years, and there is a lot of nonsense out there.

Check out Progression — they are the ONLY website selling a leveling guide that is WORTH IT, unlike others, this world of warcraft leveling guide has no grinding, 100% legal, an in game addon to guide you through each class. The list goes on. But if you want a leveling guide that will take you from 1-80 lightning fast go with progression. My 1-80 /played time is 6 days 17 hours with it.

Also, email and you’ll get a discount coupon if you ask nicely 🙂



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